Investment team

Max Cappetta | Chief Executive Officer / Senior Portfolio Manager

At Redpoint, Max is the CEO and lead portfolio manager for selected active equity portfolios.  Max is also currently the chair of Redpoint’s investment committee and a director on its board.

Max joined Redpoint in 2013 and has 20 years investment management experience.  Prior to Redpoint, Max was a co-founding shareholder of Continuum Capital Management from 2007.  Prior to Continuum, Max was a partner, Executive Director and Head of Australian Equities at GMO Australia Limited.  During this time Max was the lead portfolio manager for a number of long-only and long-short portfolios along with having responsibility for a team of seven investment professionals managing in excess of $8b of Australian Equities.  Max was also a Responsible Officer for GMO Australia Ltd and the firm’s representative on GMO Australia’s Compliance Committee.

Prior to GMO, Max spent four years with Legal & General where he conducted quantitative analysis across all asset classes managed by Legal & General Investment Management.  Prior to joining the investment team Max was an actuarial analyst involved in the administration, valuation and analysis of superannuation funds.

Max holds Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in economics majoring in actuarial mathematics from Macquarie University in Sydney.

Eric Smith | Chief Investment Officer

At Redpoint, Eric is the CIO with overall responsibility for investment outcomes overseeing the firm’s portfolio managers and trade execution staff.  Eric is a member of Redpoint’s investment committee and a director on its board.

Eric is a co-founder of Redpoint and has 30 years investment management experience.  Prior to Redpoint, Eric was the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd.  Eric held that position from 1996 to 2009 and established Vanguard’s Australian investment management capability – comprising 23 investment professionals across equity, fixed interest, research and risk management roles. Eric defined the management process for all of Vanguard’s standard index portfolios and was responsible for the design and implementation of a number of specialist funds, portfolios and processes.  During Eric’s tenure at Vanguard the investment team managed over $80 billion in more than 100 sector level.  In addition to his role as CIO, Eric was a member of the Executive Committee and at various times served as an alternate director for Vanguard.

Prior to joining Vanguard, Eric was Manager, Quantitative Investments at Commonwealth Funds Management from 1991 to 1996 and Senior Manager at Capel Court Investment Bank from 1986 to 1991.

Eric holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with honours from the University of Sydney and Master of Business Administration from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), University of New South Wales.

Peter Ritchie | Chief Operating Officer

At Redpoint, Peter is COO and oversees all aspects of business administration and compliance and is a member of Redpoint’s Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee.  Peter is also chair of Redpoint’s board.

Peter is a co-founder for Redpoint and is the former Managing Director of Barra International (now part of MSCI). Peter joined Barra in 1989 as one of the initial staff members to establish an office in Sydney.  From 1992, Peter held full responsibility for Barra’s sales, client support, research and consulting activities in Australia/New Zealand. Peter also spent considerable time supporting Barra’s operations in South-East Asia (primarily Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur).  Prior to joining Barra, Peter spent 10 years working on a variety of engineering/surveying projects in Australia, the US, the UK and the Middle East.

Peter holds a Bachelor of Surveying Degree from the University of New South Wales.  He holds a Master of Business Administration Degree, majoring in finance and statistics, from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), University of New South Wales.

Kheng Kua | Chief Technology Officer

At Redpoint, Kheng is responsible for the architecture, design, implementation, testing, deployment and maintenance of all aspects of technology, from infrastructure, database through to portfolio management and monitoring systems. Kheng is the primary liaison between IT and communications service providers, data and software vendors. Kheng plays a key role in software development, data management and monitoring of the production tasks for investment management activities.

Kheng has over ten years experience in fund management and was most recently an Analyst on the investment team at Continuum Capital Management responsible for investment systems and IT infrastructure and development.  Prior to Continuum, Kheng was with Macquarie Group where he developed optimisation algorithms for asset allocation in portfolio construction. Prior to that he was an Analyst at MIR Investment Management. There he was responsible for developing the investment research and portfolio implementation environments. He also conducted investment analysis, was integrally involved in implementation of the investment process, and was responsible for ex-post performance attribution on all products.

Kheng has a Master in Applied Finance Degree from Macquarie University and holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Computer Engineering (first class honours) and a Master of Biomedical Engineering Degree both from the University of New South Wales.

Ganesh Suntharam | Investment Director / Senior Portfolio Manager

At Redpoint, Ganesh is the lead portfolio manager for selected active and systematic equity portfolios and assists with trade execution across all portfolios.  Ganesh is also involved in research and development.  Ganesh is a member Redpoint’s investment committee.

Ganesh is a co-founder of Redpoint and has over 15 years investment management experience.  Prior to Redpoint, Ganesh was with Perpetual Investments where he helped establish a quantitative equities capability starting in 2005.  During his time at Perpetual, Ganesh helped create and launch two quantitative long-short strategies and expand the existing long-only business.  Ganesh was responsible for the portfolio management and trading of all quantitative equity portfolios as well as the initial development of the research capability, investment processes, investment systems and infrastructure.  In 2009, he moved into the Head of Quantitative Investments role where he was directly responsible for the overall business including seven investment staff.

Prior to joining Perpetual, Ganesh worked at Barra International (now part of MSCI) providing financial consulting services to a large number of institutional fund managers, brokers and asset consultants in the Australian market.

Ganesh holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Sydney University, a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Sydney University.  Ganesh is a CFA charter holder.

Alex Stephen | Senior Portfolio Manager

At Redpoint, Alex is the portfolio manager for passive equity strategies and infrastructure and is responsible for trade execution across all portfolios.

Alex is a co-founder of Redpoint and has over 15 years investment management experience.  Prior to Redpoint Alex joined Antares Equities in 2010 as a senior portfolio manager responsible for the management of Australian equity portfolios and all trade execution.  For the prior nine years, Alex managed a large number of equity funds for Legal & General Investment Management, the premier index manager in the UK.  He has a proven investment management track record of outperforming indices in both developed and emerging market funds, on a country, regional and global basis.  Alex’s experience includes managing assets against traditional market capitalisation weighted benchmarks, calculated by all of the major index providers, as well as to meet the bespoke equity requirements of clients.  In addition, he has managed portfolios that encompass a range of listed alternative asset classes.

Prior to 2001, Alex worked for Citigroup Asset Management as a Fund Manager’s assistant on the active emerging markets desk.

Alex holds a Bachelor of Arts in economics and philosophy, an Investment Management Certificate and a diploma from the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Nelson Wicas | Research Director

At Redpoint, Nelson is primarily involved in research and development of the investment process.  Nelson is a member of Redpoint’s investment committee.

Nelson is a co-founder of Redpoint and has over 20 years investment management experience.  Prior to Redpoint, Nelson was the Director of Global Equities at First Quadrant in Pasadena from 2008 to 2009.  In this role, Nelson was responsible for global stock selection research, portfolio management, attribution analysis and technical support for marketing and client service.  Nelson managed a team of 10 analysts and portfolio managers, overseeing $4 billion across long/short market neutral, 130/30, long only enhanced and tax efficient strategies. 

Prior to First Quadrant, Nelson was a Principal at the Vanguard Group in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.  From 1992 to 2002, Nelson developed quantitative investment strategies, was a portfolio manager and played a key role creating Vanguard’s internal active equity management capability.  From 2003 to 2008, Nelson established and managed Vanguard’s “thought leadership research” function to support global advice, product development and the institutional business.

Nelson has a PhD in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Pennsylvania.

Anthony Corr | Research Director

At Redpoint, Anthony is primarily involved in research and development of the investment process.  Anthony is a member of Redpoint’s investment committee.

Anthony joined Redpoint in 2013 and has over 15 years investment management experience.  Prior Redpoint, Anthony was a co-founder of Continuum Capital Management from 2007.  In this role he was jointly responsible for all facets of investment research, systems development and contributed to portfolio management and trading.  Prior to Continuum Anthony spent 10 years with GMO where was a partner and Head of Australian Equity Research at GMO Australia Limited. During this time Anthony had primary responsibility for the ongoing research and development of the Australian equities investment process. In this role, Anthony was responsible for four research and IT staff as well as being tasked with the establishment and maintenance of the hardware and software solutions related to investment management.

Prior to GMO, Anthony spent four years with the Australian Bureau of Statistics as a statistical consultant both internally and externally.

Anthony has a PhD in Finance from the University of NSW, and a First Class Honours Degree in Science from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Andrew McGregor | Database & Systems Analyst

At Redpoint, Andrew manages the data lifecycle process, including sourcing of data from vendors, quality assurance checking, warehousing, aggregation and identifier matching, and anomaly/fault detection and reporting. Andrew is Redpoint’s primary contact with data vendors in his capacity as curator of Redpoint's database.

Andrew has over ten years of experience in funds management and most recently held the position of Quantitative Analyst and Portfolio Coordinator at Metisq Capital (formerly MIR Investment Management) where he was responsible for database administration and IT development, portfolio construction and rebalancing, trade execution and performance reporting. Prior to Metisq Capital, Andrew was a Senior Analyst at CommSec in the Quantitative Equities Research division. There he was involved in database management and development, production of retail and institutional reports, as well as portfolio construction and analysis for CBA’s advisory network.

Andrew has a Master in Applied Finance Degree from Macquarie University and holds a Master of Technology Management and a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) (Hons) both from the University of New South Wales.