Redpoint is a boutique global equities manager based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in listed asset classes including Australian equities, international equities, global infrastructure and global property.
Redpoint is majority owned and managed by its investment staff. This allows our interests to be closely aligned with those of our clients.
Redpoint believes that investment outcomes are driven by three key attributes:
>   INSIGHT: Research based on a deep understanding of listed equity markets.
>   DESIGN: Building effective portfolios trading-off opportunity, cost and risk.
>   FOCUS: Investment management is our sole business and our success is based on helping clients achieve their investment objectives.
At  Redpoint we draw on our team’s depth of knowledge, expertise and acuity to successfully navigate even the most challenging investment terrain, in the same way that elite climbers use their considerable expertise to plot a course through the most unforgiving mountain ranges.

Our goal is to provide a clear pathway through the investment landscape, an opportunity for better returns and be a trusted partner for your investment journey.